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Not Quite Dead

Show your Baal-Pteor!

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The man was naked except for a loin-cloth and high-strapped sandals. He was brown-skinned, with close-cropped black hair and restless black eyes that set off a broad, arrogant face. In girth and breadth he was enormous, with huge limbs on which the great muscles swelled and rippled at each slightest movement. His hands were the largest Conan had ever seen. The assurance of gigantic physical strength colored his every action and inflection.

Robert E. Howard - The Man-Eaters of Zamboula


Damn. I've just read that excerpt of The Man-Eaters of Zamboula, and now, for foolishly following the artwork, my Baal-Pteor isn't canon. I should repaint his skin in brown but... I don't have the energy to start over again. That should teach me a lesson, though.




Well, what's done is done. And your Baal-Pteor? Have you painted this miniature following the artwork, the text of REH, or according to your fancy?

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Baal’s out! Looks great NQD.


Here’s my offering, as usual just generally painting according to the game art. He’s hanging it all out with Pelias in the only pic I have handy. 


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Yeah, he’s not exactly imposing. And too bloated, cartoony, and steroidal for my tastes. Not a terrible sculpt, but not in keeping with the vibe of the game, or the source material, and so also not one of my favorites @Matt John S

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Here’s mine.

I’d like to improve my skills in painting, as you can see by several imperfection.

Base: white Tamya

Skin: Life color

Final Matt varnish Tanya TS80 (to preserve painting during the games)



honestly, I didn’t recognize the pieces of clothong under his bracelets...



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@Not Quite Dead  Actually, I think your version of him (and the artwork that your version is based on) is much better looking than the canonical description of how he is suppose to look.


Sometimes what is non-canonical is better than what is canonical, and sometimes it's the other way around. And then there those cases where someone takes something that is permanently established as canonical, radically redesigns it to the point where it no longer even comes close to being canonical, and, then, tries to claim that the new radically different design is canon (without giving any canonical reason as to why), also claiming (through implication) that the previous design should no longer be considered as canon even though it's not possible to do that.


An obvious example of this (and the case in the point that I'm trying to make) is the design of the Klingons in "Star Trek Discovery".  They look nothing like Klingons, they look more like Japanese Oni demons.


Anyway, back to the Baal-Pteor miniature. I haven't acquired him, yet, because I have only just learned of his existence, so I can't examine the miniature myself, but what is up with the sculpting of his loin cloth. Not that I personally have a problem with it (because I don't), but it looks as if he was purposely sculpted to look well endowed. Am I mistaken about this observation?


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