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Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.


The new expansions :  

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On 10/20/2018 at 9:12 PM, Epaka said:

Couldn’t agree more... The basic game rules are adequate - other than the issues that can arise from Line of Sight on some game-boards, and determining exactly when a zone is ‘saturated’ with minis. However, the individual scenarios generally NEED at least a bit more clarification, in almost every case. Honestly, my gaming group has had game-breaking questions about perhaps 50% of the scenarios we’ve played. Some are so bad that I’ve had to wonder how the hell the scenario made it to print without the obvious questions being raised during play-testing. 

The recently released, fan-made, mini-campaign ‘Whispers from Stygia’ is a great example of how to properly write detailed scenario descriptions that address and explain the inevitable questions that can arise during a game. Kudos to the whole team that wrote it, including (I believe), @Ken @drmauric  @Neil Amswych@Footballzs @Primeval@Matt John S... 

Hopefully any new expansions, or even a 1.5 version of the game rules, will include a more concerted effort to answer possible core game/scenario questions within the rules and descriptions. I absolutely love this game, but I’m tired of having to consult BGG every time we play it....

I can tell you this: we have been much, much more thorough for Batman. Waves of us have looked at the rules and each scenario. They are much clearer and the rules themselves are much chunkier, but fool proof (we hope). We will show those soon enough. I'm sure we'll do something similar for Conan. I will say, these scenarios, because of all their moving parts do lend themselves to oversights (often times with brand new rules introduced in each scenario). I was very careful with the Monolith Sourcebook and still ended up with a few things that were incredibly obvious to me, yet not entirely to all--and that's even with outside playtesting. It would be amazing to have no need for erata or clarifications, and that's the goal, but it's tough. That said, yes, absolutely, next time will be clearer with fewer errors. 

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