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Matt John S

Overlord Compendiums are Coming Back!

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Hello everyone,


 Some behind the scenes news for you:


- @MaiBzh started working at Monolith last week. She'll be in charge of communications. At first, we'll give her a hand to make for a smooth transition. Fred will stay involved, and, of course, I (Matt John), will be around as well.


- Compendium Volume 3 (dedicated to Mythic Battles) will be available shortly. We just ordered 1,000 French and 1,000 English copies. We're currently looking for a solution to lower shipping costs for the US and will keep you updated.


Gross shipment cost for Philibert is 5€, which we split between the selling price (3€) and shipping costs (2€). You can, of course, add a compendium to any order you make through Philibert.


Basically, nothing changes: printing costs are handled by Monolith, and Philibert makes it available. The 5€ only covers their shipping costs, no profit is made on either side.


Using Philibert will make it easier for everyone, for this volume and all those to come.


Psst! This is privileged information for TO members. Don’t you feel special?! You'll have a few days' notice once pre-orders open at Philibert before we communicate it to the rest of the world on social media :). Though the hope is to have a massive order. Don’t worry, a reprint is possible!


Side note: apparently, a few Vol. 1 Compendiums lost their way after being shipped. Please email support@monolithedition.com and Romain will check your order and help you out.


That's all, folks!

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