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Who is back ?

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I am not particularly interested in the versus mode but am interested in these as they contain miniatures I missed out in in the original campaign. I refer to the guest box figures. I know that there will be an Adventure mode box containing all the newly minted miniatures, but I don’t think it will include the Valeria and Belit figures from the guest artist boxes. Big decision on whether to pay $49 for 2 minis, mind you there going for $100plus on eBay, etc.

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50$ for faction box seems like really good price. However, while content is abundant, for me, as previous Conan backer, it's not that stellar...


I fully understand all Monolith arguments thet they presented on facebook, but I feel that combination of really high funding goal, no SG, short campaign, reusing old sculpts (we'll see if other faction boxes will look better) and high cost for all new content (4 faction boxes 50 each, 20 for core box + at least few second life kits) will make this KS really hard for them.


I read all the updates. so I know that it's more pick what you like KS and not buy it all KS, I know why they are reusing old miniatures, why funding goal is so high etc. but the truth is, that most people will not know this things. They probably hop on the bandwagon, so initial few days will be great and then they start asking for SG, questioning funding goal etc... When you add to that that las update on Batman KS was 2 months ago... Well, I wish them luck, I hope it works, but it looks like it may be really hard Ks.

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