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Companion application for Conan


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  • 3 months later...

A new minor 0.23 version inluding the follow fixes will be online soon

* some mistakes in the encyclopedia 

* adding a yellow die symbol on overhanged areas to be more clear

* the i0S 12 were already not supported but did not an any error message to say so

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is there a plan to provide a list of scenarios(under tiles and such like the clickable lists for "what uses this") for where the various figs/characters appear? So in that way we could feature a certain one, we would know where to look. Maybe if allowed they could be clickable to the downloadable scenario.

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7 hours ago, Civing said:

I love the companion. Just one thing makes me wonder. What are the „Monolith‘s gifts“ mentioned in the „My game and expansions“ sections?

These are material given as free downloadable pdfs (at the moment, 7 Heroes' sheets).

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi - absolutely love the app, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting any artwork to load for the custom hero sheets.  So far, only certain .png links will work.  Is there any way to expand what will work on these or allow for direct uploads from my files?  Even a full sample of a working link format might help. Thanks.

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On 1/13/2023 at 7:38 PM, Akiro said:

Hi - absolutely love the app, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting any artwork to load for the custom hero sheets.  So far, only certain .png links will work.  Is there any way to expand what will work on these or allow for direct uploads from my files?  Even a full sample of a working link format might help. Thanks.


Works for me.

Random web page, I right-click on the picture and copy image link.

Then I paste link in the Studio, image appears in the preview (here the link is to a jpg):





Use of images from the computer does not work at the moment, but it's in the to-do-list of the next release, as far as I remember.



On 1/13/2023 at 8:15 PM, Akiro said:

Also: I’ve just noticed that “Leap” is not available under skills.

It is. In the Studio section, scroll down "Skills" menu -> Movement -> Leap.


Have you tried to clean your cache and reload the app/website ?




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  • 10 months later...

After a year and a half of not hard work at all... a new version of "Companion of Conan" is available (0.24)


The news:

  • It is now possible to install the companion as a real application that can work offline.
     Installation is done from the Companion website, in the menu.
     Installation is possible on phone, tablet of course but also on computer (unless you visit the site with Firefox).
     Attention! Those who have already installed a previous version of the companion on their phone/tablet home page must remove this shortcut to be able to do a real installation.
  • In the encyclopedia, the name of the sculptor of the figurines is displayed (contribution by Dan North)

The improvements:

  • Faster loading by reducing image size via webp
  • Faster loading of game rules by embedding images

The corrections:

  • Header that disappears from the phone when scrolling
  • Improved html5 compatibility
  • Studio printing under Firefox
  • Board that hide the rules depending on the rotation
  • Net equipment text
  • Khitai Tower board rule

Thanks to everyone's support :), Dan North's contribution, tests from @Roolz, @Renand and @Met


Last but no least, a new url => https://companion.the-overlord.com/Conan 


To finish, a technical note, for thoses who really wants to keeps their preferences (for ex, to keep their studio creations)


Here is the manipulation (only tested on Chrome PC and Android)
1) Go to the french forum here https://the-overlord.com/ 

2) In the address bar of the browser tab, enter "javascript:" + copy/paste the following code (a file will download)

void((function() { let json = {}; Object.keys(window.localStorage).filter(k => k.startsWith("Conan") || k.startsWith("Batman")).forEach(k => json[k] = window.localStorage[k]); let data = JSON.stringify(json); var file = new Blob([data], {type: "application/json"});     var a = document.createElement("a"), url = URL.createObjectURL(file); a.href = url; a.download = "CompanionPrefs.json"; document.body.appendChild(a); a.click(); setTimeout(function() { document.body.removeChild(a); window.URL.revokeObjectURL(url); },0); })())

3) Go the new Companion (but do not configure anything)
4) In the address bar of the compagnon, enter "javascript:" + copy/paste the following code (a dialog box will open to select the file you downloaded at step 2)

void((function() {let input = document.createElement("input");input.type = "file";input.onchange=function(){ if(input.files && input.files[0]){ let reader = new FileReader(); reader.onload=function(e){let json = JSON.parse(e.target.result); Object.keys(json).forEach(k => window.localStorage.setItem(k, json[k])); window.document.location.reload(true) }; reader.readAsText(input.files[0]) } }; input.click();})())


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  • 3 weeks later...
23 hours ago, Thorsz said:

I must be doing something wrong. There is no option to install in the Chrome menu.


Installation is not done from the chrome menu.



go to https://companion.the-overlord.com/Conan/

click on the three bars menu in the upper left corner of the webpage

click install (this shows you the instructions)


to install:

go to https://companion.the-overlord.com/Conan/

in the location bar, click on the icon just to the left of the Star (if you hover over it it should have a tooltip that says "Install companion for conan"

click that icon


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  • 4 weeks later...

Small update (0.25) to correct some problems:

* on PC, the rules pages were no longer on 2 pages side by side

* the Tome of Skelos had small problems with the images

* Conqueror ship cards had excess black borders

* removed all card rules text that talks about lines of sight, since it is redundant with lines of sight themselves

* the yellow die that appears on the cards when you are overhanging interfered with the click

* correction of the black dragon tile, only one is provided (and not two as indicated before)

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I would add that Apple, supposedly to comply with the new European law, has withdrawn support for PWA applications in its latest updates: therefore European iPhones/iPads can no longer use the offline mode of the application: (

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  • 1 month later...

Hello brothers in arms!


a new version of the companion has just been deployed (0.26) with on the menu:


  • Encyclopedia: Content of the MBR crossover "Gods of the North" added
  • Encyclopedia/Skill: Bilingual people can now display two languages when displaying the details of an item. Usefull because sometimes the wording is better in another language. Choose your secondary language in your preferences. Works only when online.
  • Studio: Heroes sheet: You can now select a background color between 3 choices (classic brown, "gods of the north" blue or "corinthia" white).
  • Studio: Equipments cards: You set the text size/line height and use spaces and carriage return to arrange the text around the image.
  • Studio: You can now import/export as json file to save or share your creations.
  • Maps: Legends can now be clicked to scroll to the explaination (usefull on mobile).

Have fun breaking the castle!

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