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  2. haven't posted anything in ages tackling the conquerer pledge and guest boxes just now.
  3. Last week
  4. These are material given as free downloadable pdfs (at the moment, 7 Heroes' sheets).
  5. Boy, it has been a long time since anything was done here. But if it's starting to come back to life (I wonder who faced the Spirits 😜) it'll grab my attention once again.
  6. I love the companion. Just one thing makes me wonder. What are the „Monolith‘s gifts“ mentioned in the „My game and expansions“ sections?
  7. My advice would be to not let perfect be the enemy of good - either use the Modiphius Tiles or the new Conqueror Temple map.
  8. Thank you @zombocom! We started to work on the Cave scenario but the team didn't finish it. At that time, I didn't have enough design skills to make the room and so the motivation disappeared... It's sad!
  9. Thanks. Mostly just overlaying textures, but I spent a while trying to get the light directions and shadows to line up better, makes it look a lot more realistic.
  10. Good job! How did you do that? I used the starCraft 2 editor for the floor and then I used Gimp...But the result was not as impressive as you! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!
  11. Earlier
  12. Here for the web version: Here for the english offline version (now with conqueror content): In the files section of this site for the french offline version.
  13. Where can I find the template to create my own Conan scenarios?
  14. Is there a way to get this template for creating Conan books? What software does it require?
  15. Love the idea of this one, and I think it could be converted to a true solo mode pretty easily.
  16. J'avais pas vu l'option ! Merci !
  17. Parce-que tu as mis le forum en français, effectivement, je dois terminer de traduire certaines fonction. si tu passe en anglais, tu as bien tout en anglais.
  18. Je l'ai retrouvé, c'est dans "naviger" D'ailleurs, une partie des titres des menus est en anglais, une autre en francais !
  19. @SentMa Tout est dans le titre... Le menu club a disparu il y a peu de temps ! A moins que j'ai la berlue... Idem coté Fr d'ailleurs. Merci !!!
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