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  1. garbetsp

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    Miniature scale is traditionally measured from bottom of feet to eye level. A 6' tall man being the reference point of the scale. A 28mm scale miniature could measure 32mm tall, but it is referred to as 28mm scale.
  2. garbetsp

    Shinobi7 acquire Conan rights

    Ugh. 32mm S7 Conan Savage Legends I'm out, want to save for the Monolith offering when it comes. I try to stick to 25-28mm only
  3. garbetsp

    Overlord Compendiums are Coming Back!

    I'm curious is the Compendium one had the nicer paper, because if it did I'm going to get one in the next printing.
  4. garbetsp

    Thaug to me....

    The bases I first painted with really watery smoky ink and a goblin green (swampy water), and swirled it a bit to get a color not quite mixed effect. If you want more ocean use brighter greens or even some open ocean blue. Then I put two layers of mod podge to build up a water effect. The third layer of mod podge was allowed to dry for a short bit then I scalloped it to make it wavy. Then the final bit was a mixture (can't remember ratios), but it was mod podge, baking soda and a drop of white. The baking soda caused little bubbles to form in the mixture and I used a worn out brush to push it up around where it breaks the surface to make that sea foam effect. A little bit of that went a long way I discovered.
  5. garbetsp

    Show your Conan!

    That Conan the King was detailed and finished in near darkness. The power was out due to storms. I couldn't see my music to play piano, so I tried painting. Curiously, the dim light forced me to contrast more and I think it turned out better.
  6. garbetsp

    Show your Conan!

    The early upload vanished in a flurry of bits. I have more...
  7. garbetsp

    Thaug to me....

    The hunger
  8. garbetsp

    Compendium Late pledge FLUENT

    I just got a shipping tracking number for mine yesterday. So I suspect that they are just going out now.
  9. garbetsp

    Overlord Compendiums are Coming Back!

    You missed it by ... that much. The distribution has been problematic. In the last round they opened a print service who took orders, then is doing the print run and we're all waiting for it to be shipped. There have been complaints about shipping / handling costs making it very expensive in some countries. I would suspect that in about a year there will be another print run, maybe with better shipping options. International is difficult. Most of the scenarios are available for download in various places. If you do take the effort to track them all down, please keep a list of links and post that for folks.
  10. It's tricky for me, +1 for what Epaka said. Black / grey is a "key" color. In general I find if I mix a tiny bit of another color into it I like the results better. Blue for a colder black and red or brown for a warmer black.
  11. Here's my work on the Winged Ape. Also a lot of work on learning focus stacking.
  12. That is an epic paint job. Really excellent work!
  13. garbetsp

    What Primer Do You Use

    I looked up the mask requirements for this situation and it says the following "use one approved by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and are fitted with organic vapor (ov) cartridges."
  14. garbetsp

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    That is really wonderful. A new technique to consider. Adding fine detail to translucent minis. Thanks for this post.
  15. garbetsp

    What Primer Do You Use

    No just have a large basement in an old house that's very drafty (sucks on heating bills). I spray and run. Come back later. I would wager there are lung effects, but it's a lot less than smoking. Lungs are designed to be able to expel some contaminant exposure without much issue (nicotine suppresses that effect). I think the principal risk is the propellant/solvent typically used causes permanent brain damage and a basic mask will not block this. Even a little bit of that is not to be trifled with. I think the air brush folks use a different solvent that doesn't do this, but to dispense from a spray can it's basically required. You are right to be cautious. Go with that.

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