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Kickstarter, Book of Set


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'Really? You have a limited run of the book????? This is a new project it is not like you are selling old stock.,  I get home all the books are gone? @#%@#$%@#$%@#$% Why is there not an option to wait longer for the darn book like we wait 8 weeks or 10 weeks.  On top of that, It seems with Asmodee in charge of North America we will never get everything released....Really this seems like you guys really screwed this one up....I do not need another King pledge, I just wanted the book.......Sorry just how i feel

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So reading the campaign......


Except for the new Book of Set, all products from Pledge level 2, 3 and 4 are production spare parts from 1st Conan Kickstarter campaign. That's the reason why they are all in limited quantities.


So why is the Book of Set limited? All those pledges are left.... 

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Cannot believe I missed this. Got home and the Set book was sold out. Were they just assuming that there would be no interest in it?

I don't need another King Pledge, even if I could scrape the money together in five days.

I hope that the they offer it for regular sale, or print some more and offer it in another KS.


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Hi there. I'm not from Monolith, but from what I've read on the French-speaking forum, I may give some answers to these questions.


@Fred Henry told us that the Book of Set was a test to see if there was still some interest from the public for Conan or if most of the players have moved on other games. What happened yesterday evening seems to prove that a real KS for Conan around 2019 is viable. Which is good for the game and for us.


There may be a way to get the Book of Set whose scenarii will be available on Monolith's website on pdf during that 2019 Conan KS. :wink:


That mini-KS was also a test to deliver a product as quickly as possible using the Kickstarter platform, which means that the final product is printed in advance, thus that there is a limited number of Books of Set. The number of books was chosen from the number of Campaign books sold during the first KS and from the number of free community-made compendium made at the Overlord forum during springtime 2017. Obiviously it wasn't enough, but they couldn't know it by advance.

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Why would they not put in delivery waves like every other Kickstarter? It is not like it is a new concept, they did in the first Conan. Seriously it seems more like a ploy to clear old inventory...you can still get the book in North America if you buy a Kings Pledge? Also, the only place you can get the Dragon was in the "all in" pledge? That one has been a sore point for a while. I would actually buy more stuff,  but not a whole kings pledge. Why is so hard to take pre-orders for the book and fulfill them in waves. I love the game and would like to support the company but I feel they are alienating people. I would love to give the company more money, but I am not going to just throw it away.

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What I hope the Book of Set Kickstarter demonstrates is that there is a real desire amongst Conan gamers to purchase additional scenarios in printed form. I have already downloaded the pdf scenarios, but it's much nicer to have the book. 


I was lucky and managed to snag a copy of the book last night, but like many, I was disappointed to see so few made available. Whilst the gripes from some of those who missed the book have been a bit ott, the expressions of anguish surely demonstrate that the game has legs. It's great that Monolith have looked again at this campaign and made more books available to those who want them. 


Just imagine how popular a whole new 'campaign' book would be! 

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I'm glad they opened it up after the restricted runs. I understand why they were restricted at the start of the campaign. There are still 4 days left and more than enough time to get a copy that will be shipped in February.  


I know a lot of you were upset that you missed out on the limited run. This won't be the only limited Kickstarter you will encounter in your life. I got mine during that opening time (260+ were gone in the first 20 minutes) and I want to offer you some of my strategy for making sure I was in that limited number. I hope it helps you avoid heart and head ache in the future.


Kickstarter Pro Tips:

  1. If you know the date and time of a limited Kickstarter, plan to be online, ready to pledge.
  2. Set an alarm/alert on your phone to remind you to pledge. Set multiple if you have to. No excuse here. Mobile phones have been able to set calendar alarms on them since the late 90's.
  3. If you have a smart phone, get the Kickstarter app. You can pledge using it and not be shackled by needing to be at a computer to pledge. This is key, especially if you don't have a job where you sit at a computer all day.
    1. If you work at a job that will let have access to your phone but not a computer, use your phone at work to pledge using the app. I like to make sure I'm not on the company Wi-Fi just in case they block Kickstarter.
    2. If you have access to your phone at work but can't use it openly then you have to take a planned toilet or smoke break. Head to the designated area where you get a signal on your mobile and make the pledge using the app. Again, don't be on the company Wi-Fi as they might block access to Kickstarter.
    3. If you don't have access to a phone or computer at work, you need a trusted friend to help make the pledge. Have that person place the pledge at the designated time using your account. Yes, account sharing is bad but let's face reality. It happens more times than we would like to admit and if you trust the person you are sharing it with then there should be no issue. If you're paranoid, change your password to Kickstarter when you get home.
  4. If you know of friends who want to pledge, coordinate with them. You guys will naturally watch out for each other and make sure everyone got their pledge in.
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I hope Monolith sees that there is still a huge demand for the Conan stuff, the game is great and I would be more if I could. Maybe Monolith could use Kickstarter as a pre order/sales tool like many other companies? Monte Cook games is a great example of this, almost everything they do starts with a Kickstarter to gauge initial response, they get the initial order in and then closer to launch open up preorders on the non-Kickstarter exclusives.


I would love a chance to pick a few of the non-Kickstarter exclusives that do not seem to hit retail like the Dragon. Plus the money goes to Monolith directly which is where I want it go. :) 

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13 hours ago, Ol' Grumpy said:

My Book of Set will arrive early this afternoon :biggrin: :cool: . Now to relax and await the Overlords Compendium.

Well, i didn't have to wait long at all. My Book of Set turned up at 1pm, followed 5 minutes later by the Overlords Compendium dropping through my letterbox, today was a good day :cool: .

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