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Upgrage for 1st Edition?

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I would really like to know if the KS will include an upgrade option for the owners of the game, or if this is a new, non-compatible edition all together.

Thanks in advance and TY all for the great games and community

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Are you asking about the 2019 KS?  I doubt they even know yet.  They're working on Batman now and they're following that up with Claustrophobia.  Chances are we won't have any good info on the next Conan until the end of 2018.

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And if you meant the last KS (Book of Set), it's the same edition. When the game was released there were two different pledge levels initially:

- Barbarian (same as retail) :  one big box without any stretch-goals.

- King: the same box with expanded content plus another big box full of stretch goals.


Monolith has released a pack with all you need to play any scenario designed for the King Content using a Barbarian / retail box (using proxy miniatures). You can find the conversion pack in the Download section.


About the 2019 KS we only know for sure it will have an OL vs. OL mode which will be introduced in the upcoming Batman game.

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Likely referring to the Claustrophobia relaunch but the answer I'm sure remains exactly what you wrote BigA


My pointless speculation (not familiar enough with the game)  would that it would be a standalone full relaunch with making an upgrade from previous Claustrophobia materials too much work and unfortunately a reducer of new sales volume. That said - two thoughts:


1.The folks that love this game really really really seem to love it (to the point where I'd really like to read up on it with a view to finding a used package out there), if it's that good then buying a new edition would be o good deal of cash but still in fun terms money v.well spent

2.Assuming they support user content publishing here as they are with Conan the community itself would take care of putting 1st edition materials to work for you


Time to go look at what's online.

An obvious way to drum up interest without distracting the M-team from the established project schedule would be for someone to post pdfs of whatever 1stEd materials can be legally made available?


Edit: new here so not sure about posting a url to another company's work even in these circumstances but the basic rules are easily found online for DL and checking out

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I love the game except for the size of the tiles. If the Kickstarter version will make them a little smaller, I'd probably go all in on it. If not, I would be interested in an upgrade pack for revised cards, boards, and more demon minis.

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I would love to have rules for more than 2 players. But I guess it depend on how will rules/gameplay of new edition differ from previous one.

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Hi guys


Here is the plan about claustrophobia for now:

- no upgrade kit. 

- same size of the tiles as the previous version: There will be more different and bigger miniatures and due to the size of the base, we need the 160x160mm tile size. 

- no more players



thx to Pascal Quidault about this ;)





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7 hours ago, eduguima said:

Hi sorry to hijack the topic, i'm just curious, are the expansions being reprinted too or only the base game?


I think that all expansions will be reprinted during KS, either as Stretch Goals or as Add-ons. I mean, there is no reason not to do this, and it is almost certain that Claustrophobia will be another successful campaign.


However, if you have base game and hope to buy only expansions it will be unlikely because:

1. Normally during KS to get add-ons you need to buy base game (that was the case in all KS I backed)

2. They probably will not be compatible with previous editions (different card backs, different tokens, and probably core rules will be changed)



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