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15 hours ago, Not Quite Dead said:

Neat work! How did you do the base? They're really stunning!


The bases I first painted with really watery smoky ink and a goblin green (swampy water), and swirled it a bit to get a color not quite mixed effect. If you want more ocean use brighter greens or even some open ocean blue. Then I put two layers of mod podge to build up a water effect. The third layer of mod podge was allowed to dry for a short bit then I scalloped it to make it wavy.  Then the final bit was a mixture (can't remember ratios), but it was mod podge, baking soda and a drop of white. The baking soda caused little bubbles to form in the mixture and I used a worn out brush to push it up around where it breaks the surface to make that sea foam effect. A little bit of that went a long way I discovered.

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Got the color mentioned correct
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