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How have people painted their bases so that the coloured clips don't scratch the paint?


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Hello all.


The title speaks for itself.  I'm going to start painting soon but I'm not sure how to tackle the bases of the enemies.  I searched the forum but either my search skills are poor, or its not been discussed.  I'm not sure how to stop the base edges from losing paint.

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Imho the best way to do this is to paint your miniatures with a shade of the corresponding colour ie. you paint the loincloth of the picts in hues of red, green, blue, etc.. Since all the Minis needing a colour to discriminate between them are minions, this adds a bit of variety, even more so if you do not give them the exact same colour.


Another way is to work with varnish in order to protect the colour on the bases.

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This is a good question.


I've seen people that painted the edge of the base in the color of the clip instead of using clips, or people doing what @Kheldor suggested to do, or did both. It looks fine.


Miniatures painted by Zovitch, on the French-speaking forum.


I chose to deal with the scratches because I wasn't sure that permanent color on the miniature would fit with all the scenarii.


For instance:

In the Clutches of the Picts:

- 4 blue Pict Hunters

- 4 green Pict Hunters

- 4 red Pict Hunters

- 3 purple Pict Hunters (if you don't have the Pict Warriors).


The Final Ritual:

- 3 yellow Pict Hunters

- 3 blue Pict Hunters

- 3 green Pict Hunters

- 3 red Pict Hunters

- 3 purple Pict Hunters (if you don't have the Pict Warriors).


With those two scenarii from the Retail box, you can see that permanent colors won't do, as both use the 15 Pict Hunters, but use them with different colors. I'm not sure how often this will happen, though. Maybe it's only those two scenarii, maybe this could happen with scenarii of the expansions too, maybe this doesn't happen if you possess an all in. You might want to check on that first, to see if you will get conflicts, depending on which version of the game you have.


It seems to me that it is less annoying to have scratches on the edge of the base (mine got scratched even with varnish), which are most of time hidden by the color clips, instead of having on your board miniatures whose color don't fit with the Overlord's River.


Scratches on my (varnished) miniatures, after a few games.



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I’ve been living with the scratches so far. But now, I’ve found a nice solution. Buy a cheap bag of small rubber bands that are available in multiple colors. Instead of using the colored plastic bases, just wrap the appropriately colored rubber bands around the base of the minis as needed in any given scenario. Problem solved!

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