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Gotham by knight and colour

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Have you seen the Gotham Gazette today?


Batman is real and running around in Gotham. And, man! He's looking good. Here are some pictures of him.



On is a render and the other is a painted mini by  Martin Grandbarbe. From the resin cast sculpt by Arnaud Boudoiron and the painting is inspired by Jim Lee's Hush 



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Thinking about the gaming possibility that this figure brings to the game that would make it vastly different from Conan... 

* There could be a protection mission. Get Oracle from A to B safely. 
* A collection mission where the Batman team have to pick up items and get them to Oracle so she can upgrade their gear. 
* A stealth mission. The Batman team are hidden on the board and the Overlord has to abduct Oracle without crossing the heroes. 

I sure there are others...


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On 20/10/2017 at 7:50 PM, Bazman said:

Average Joe's comes to Gotham. And I'm not talking about a gym.

We now have some Gotham civilians to populate the world of the Dark Knight. These are the people he has sworn to protect from theft, kidnapping and murder. If only they had names...



Don't forget to paint their shirts in red.

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Some more eye candy from the suburbs of Gotham. Showcasing the graphic novel side of the game. Where you will play out certain scenes from some of the Dark Knights greatest story-lines. In this case, The Killing Joke. Maybe Red Hood will fall into the vat of acid, scaring himself into the Joker. Will Catwoman be the one that pushes him into the green abyss? Or will the tables be turned and Robin takes a swim? All of this can be written by you...

Then there will possibly be the chance of the Joker having his revenge in a second showdown in the plant. February can't come quick enough.







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