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Show your Zaporavo!

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A really cool-looking miniature! I love his conquistador-like look, even if I remember the original character being less classy. It was a pleasure to paint it.




And you? What does your Zaporavo look like?

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Great work! I agree entirely, one of my favorite minis in the game even if not 100% exactly what I picture from the original text. 


Yours turned out great, and the eyes and armor details are really well done. Huzzah! 

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For some reason I got one with a crooked nose. Decided to leave it that way, gives him a sad look. Managed to mess up the eyes so they don't point in the same direction. Decided to leave it that way as well, adds to the sad ambiance.



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commentary on picture
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@rhogg27184 I like your work, but the last few photos have been a little dark on the mini and the white balance is off so they don't shine like I think they should. I think the auto sensor is overwhelmed by the white background and missing on the auto-balance. Here's the same photo corrected and cropped a bit, I think the color shows through a bit better.




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