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Tales of the North

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Reposting for Dan...


Tales of the North v4.pdf


Welcome to the North! 

I am thrilled to present my first ever collection of home-made scenarios for Conan by Monolith. Tales of the North is a collaborative effort between Ken Meyri and myself to collect 6 scenarios based on the Norheim expansion in a nice downloadable PDF booklet format. 

Tales of the North features a 3 page fan fiction intro, 3 scenarios that have been previously posted on the Overlord, along with 3 brand new scenarios exclusive to this booklet. 

Kunnia: a brand new scenario that involves sled dog racing! Fast, furious and replayable. Try it as a tounament. 

The Blasphemy of Gwaednerth: more of an encounter than a scenario, written to highlight a new miniature from Barbaric Splendor. (www.barbaricsplendor.com) Includes a new Hero card. 

Rescue in Nordheim: co-written with Ken, this scenario brings the story begun in the introduction to a chilling conclusion. 

Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Maybe, if there's enough interest, we will do a booklet for one of the other big box expansions in the future. 

(Tales of the North requires a King Pledgle and the Nordheim, Vanir Valkyrie, Demon of the Earth, Giant Wolves and Crossbowmen expansions. Components from Stygia and Corinthia are also used but substitution suggestions are made within the scenarios.)


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Thanks for helping me out Ken. I apparently didn't save my original post. Sorry for the confusion.


So here it is folks! Tales from the North! (see above to download. 🙂 )

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