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  4. Not Quite Dead

    Nemesis: this ain’t E.T.!

    I've missed a lot of good thing on this subforum. Always a pleasure to watch your paintjobs for other games, @Epaka! Love this one!
  5. Angel_Maqueda

    Spanish rules

    Ok, thk
  6. Last week
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Thx to François-Xavier Despoulain :)
  8. pcdorney

    Compendium Late pledge FLUENT

    I would have paid quite a lot (but less than $300) for a physical copy of magazine 2 and 4. But I wasn't even given the option. And now I don't even get a pdf. How about someone post the pdf of magazine 4? That way I have something to tide us over until we can (hopefully) get a physical copy.
  9. Roolz

    [Tuto] Glakk!

    Doing a decent tuto takes quite a bit of time :). However... at the time I painted these ones, I also painted the Brutes with Chains & took pics in the process. And recently I used these pics and notes to write a tuto then translate it in english. You'll find it there.
  10. Roolz

    [tuto] Crack!

    Note : Same principle as the tuto "Glaak!" (brutes with firearm). Crack ! – Painting of Clayface disguised as a Brute with Chains Foreword The goal of this tutorial is to paint Clayface disguised as a "brute with chains" (the deceitful bastard disguises as everyone!) to a decent standard without spending as much time as on superhero or supervillain miniatures. Similarly to the "brutes with firearm", I tried to create an optimized sequence to paint several minis simultaneously, "assembly-line-mode". I decided to use the general colour scheme of the game’s illustration (coloured 3D rendering of the miniature), to ease the identification of the tiles and the miniatures. Note that the mini is inspired by a drawing from Jim Lee (in "All-star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder"), where a punk gets his teeth broken by Black Canary. Crack! A little bit of technique As for the other brutes, few advanced techniques for these henchmen. For more details, I invite you, friendly reader, to refer to the article by Martin Grandbarbe in Compendium Vol 2, and to my “Glaakk!” tuto (here and in the Compendium Vol 4)… Paint ranges Once again, same-same as for the “brutes with firearm”. Sequence 1- Deburring, washing, then spray-prime. Deburring these miniatures is a bit more tedious than for the brutes with firearm, due to the sculpt (chains, drapery). That’s very doable, still. After deburring, as usual, I smoothen with acetone (see tuto “Glakk!”), then I wash the minis. I prime the minis with tanned flesh spray primer (Barbarian Flesh AP). Since the punks’ skintone is darker than their buddies’ on Jim Lee’s drawing, this coloured primer will save me a bit of time versus a white primer. 2 I basecoat the main surfaces. Firstly, I paint the teeth, mouth and eyes off-white (Ivory VM918). Then, I paint the skin tanned flesh (Barbarian Flesh AP, in bottle), just a thin coat to increase opacity. Finally, I paint the shoes dark blue (Prussian Blue VM965), the pants medium grey (Neutral grey VM992), and the t-shirt blue-green (Blue green VM808). If need be, I apply several thin layers to get a good opacity. Painting in this order makes it easier to correct if I go over the edges on a previously painted surface. 3 I draw vertical black lines (Matt Black AP) to make the pupils. The skin is shaded with a turquoise blue wash (obtained by diluting Turquoise VM966 with matte medium Lahmian Medium GW), the pants and shoes with a black wash (Black Ink VG094 diluted with water). For both colours, I apply a first wash slightly more diluted on the whole surface, then one or more less diluted washes only in the shadow areas and hollows. 4 I touch-up around the eyes with tanned flesh paint (Barbarian Flesh AP). Then I shade the skin with a brownish-red flesh wash, (ready-to-use Reikland Fleshshade GW). I apply it on the whole surface and I repeat several times until obtaining the darker skintone that I want, and finally I apply one or more local washes only in the shadow areas and hollows. The mouth and lower lip are tinted by applying local dark red glazes (ready-to-use Carroburg Crimson GW). I repeat once or twice until I’ve achieved the desired hue. 5 I highlight the shoes by doing blends with ultramarine blue (Ultramarine VM839). For the pants, I drybrush very lightly with medium grey (Neutral grey VM992), to bring out the detail a little bit, then I fine-tune by doing blends with the same colour. To simplify the blending process as much as possible, I apply only one or two very thin and diluted layers, placed locally. Same thing for the skin, with a light drybrush then blends of tanned flesh (Barbarian Flesh AP). Then, I apply a dark red glaze (Carroburg Crimson GW) on the forehead veins and arm veins. The skin gets its last highlights, with blends of lighter flesh paint (Flesh Tone VM815). And I highlight the veins detail using the same flesh paint. Finally, I highlight the t-shirt the same way as the pants and the skin: light drybrush then blends of blue-green (Blue green VM808). And it receives last highlights on the most protruding edges on top (shoulders, collar, etc.), with blends of light blue-green (obtained by mixing Blue green VM808 with Ivory VM918) 6 This step is mostly about working on details… The chains are painted silver (Chrome VMAir 064), and the hair medium brown (Leather Brown AP). The skin gets its last shadows and outlining, via local dark brown washes (Agrax Earthshade GW). The washes are applied only in darker shadows areas, deepest recesses, and junctions between surfaces. The eyebrows are painted black (Matte Black AP). The pants, chains, and hair get one or more black washes (Black Ink VG094). The chains are highlighted with small silver dots (Chrome VMAir 064), only on the links that catch the light. The hair is highlighted by painting yellowish brown lines (Tan Yellow VM 912). And the teeth get some dots of off-white (Ivory VM918). 7 Almost there. Only the t-shirt’s number and the base remain. The t-shirt number gets an off-white basecoat first (Ivory VM918), to cover the blue underneath, and avoid painting 36 layers of yellow after… Anyway, it’s eventually painted yellow (Daemonic Yellow AP). And, to make it pop a bit more, it’s highlighted with off-white blends (Ivory VM918) on the three top/horizontal edges of the number. The base is painted exactly the same way as for the other brutes: dark grey basecoat (Dark Grey VM 994), black wash (Black Ink VG 94), dark grey drybrush everywhere, then a medium grey drybrush (Neutral Grey VM 992) focussed on the periphery, then a light grey drybrush (Light Grey VM 990) even more focussed on the periphery. The edge of the base is painted black (Matt Black AP). 8 A coat of matte varnish spray (Anti-shine AP spray). Then a touch of gloss varnish (Gloss Varnish VM 510) applied selectively in the mouth, on the teeth and the lower lip. And here are the punks ready to have a special dental exam by Black Canary, with their teeth going “Crack!”. Except it's -again- the perfidious Clayface in disguise…
  11. Harroddity


  12. kpitaine-crochet

    Spanish rules

    Hello, you can find the unmodeled version on the BGG website
  13. Herbert

    [Tuto] Glakk!

    Awesome! Thank you for posting - please do more! 😄
  14. Not Quite Dead


    You're welcome.
  15. aaronrpg


    Thanks for the pointers
  16. Angel_Maqueda

    Spanish rules

    Hi. I participated in the kickstarter of the game. My sponsor number is 18,886. Where can I download the rules in Spanish? Thank you.
  17. Another great mini from this game. The right choice was made to keep the depiction more classic in nature with such an important member of the Pantheon. He looks just right.
  18. Xaltotun

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I haven't received any email yet about the compendium II (english)
  19. dbhirt


  20. Dadodragon

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Hello, any news on last Compendiums shipment? We're going to the end of May...
  21. makashem24


  22. Not Quite Dead

    Wise Up Suckers: Show your Athena!

    Love it! She has a neat expression, and her owl. The drybrush on its feather is great. I'd just use a little bit of red shade on her mouth to make it stand out.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    A Batman játékszabály magyar nyelvű, saját fordítása.
  24. Batman - Gotham City Chronicles (Rulebook) Magyar Változat View File A Batman játékszabály magyar nyelvű, saját fordítása. Submitter Larce Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Rules  
  25. drmauric

    The Way Out (solo/ co-op)

    @Footballzs Awesome! Thank you. If you could, please let me.know how it goes.
  26. It’s all about the owl on this one. At least for me... 🙂 Usual disclaimers apply; I’m painting for the table, not a display case, and I’m always trying to follow the game art as best I can.
  27. Footballzs

    The Way Out (solo/ co-op)

    I'll be definitely giving this one a go. I have been waiting for the Modiphius tile sets for 5 months, but as this one uses the Monolith maps I can play this one now!
  28. Conan was minding his own business at the local tavern... A new scenario using the Monolith Sourcebook's solo/ co-op rules. The Way Out Solo.pdf
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