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  2. kpitaine-crochet

    Thrusday night live

    Hi, we inform you that every Thursday at 21:00, we organize a live on our youtube channel. On the program: focus on each point of the easy to learn, Questions / answers, Strategic advice, maybe some spoil ... In short, it is an opportunity to spend a friendly moment and make a point between us. If you like also puts a blue thumb 🤣 (The previous videos are available on our channel)
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  4. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    And... the Green Meeple is done.
  5. Hello, to date, there are only the all-in that have been distributed or on the end. The rest is distributed shortly. cordially
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  7. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    With the male version of the Blue Meeple, there's only three miniatures left to paint. Huzzah!
  8. Hi..im a late backer, y paid on fluent 224 dollars for the game and the asylum expansion and today when I mailed shipnaked to know abput my game the reply that I dont have an order. What can I do? Ill hace to make a chargeback on my cc? Thanks
  9. kpitaine-crochet


    Hello, 1) misfortune and you can reroll the same dice twice 2) and if there is no cube in fatigue zone, you take from an action, otherwise in active zone 3) and the size index of the target is lower or equal to the possessor
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  11. tony


    1- yes 2- You do like regular wound so first from fatigue zone. 3-No cause it's not a movement so ytou don't fall so no damage Yes you can count with the jump move.
  12. Hey Monolith! First time posting and LOVE the game so far. I got my copy this past weekend and had a great time with friends going through the scenarios. Already excited to hear more is coming along the way so if I could choose more characters and models, here's my picks. Villains- The Ventriloquist and Scarface Talia Al Ghul Carmine Falcone The Batman Who Laughs Clock King Anarky Doctor Hurt Prometheus Maxie Zeus Onomatopoeia The Royal Flush Gang Joe Chill Minions- League of Assassins Mobsters Guard Dogs (they were used in demo versions. What happened to them?) Heroes- Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnes) The Creeper Etrigan the Demon Lock Up The Batman of Zur En Arrh Dark Knight Returns Robin (Carrie Kellie) Dick Grayson The Gray Ghost Lady Blackhawk Gotham and Gotham Girl Matches Malone Bat-Mite Ace the Bat-Hound More unique civilians and perhaps notable characters on the civilian side like: Vicki Vale Mayor Hamilton Hill Dr. Leslie Thompkins Harvey Dent Lucius Fox Jeremiah Arkham Dr. Harleen Quinzel Thomas and Martha Wayne Finally, more vehicles! Would love to see a scenario with the Batmobile chasing a getaway armored car or perhaps a stolen SWAT van or military truck. Have a map designed of mainly city streets to race around. Anyways, I've rambled enough. Best of luck, keep up the amazing work!
  13. gonthing

    Bane The Animated Series Paint Job

    I painted my Bane up the other night and was really happy with the result. I am planning on using TAS colour scheme for all my figures.
  14. @Not Quite Dead Thanks brother, I went with green to match the tiles. My conjecture is that all the young scorpions are male and thusly a different color than their queen, as the Brood Mother eats any females to prevent competition. When she’s old enough, she chooses a strong female and allows her to grow and take over the operation... 🙂 I only have a base set of Vallejo colors, so any color variations on any of my minis are mixed up on the spot. I remember that I used black primer on all the scorpions (after priming them white first, wasn’t think ahead), and then just quickly dry-brushed colors on that. I knocked out the whole batch in less than an hour I think. If I recall, these guys were just the plain green with a bit of yellow, and maybe some white to brighten up the hue? But I’m guessing.
  15. Gareth


    Few rules questions after a couple of games. Mostly after confirmation that we got it right. 1. Misfortune - this means the Villain can make you re-roll 2 dice for every roll you make in Dr Deaths' area? 2. Push the limit - when you use this ability it says you take a wound, does the cube you put into the Wound Zone come from the Fatigue Zone? or must it come from the Reserve Zone? 3. If you use the Attraction ability (Bat Claw) to "drag" someone from a higher level do they take falling damage? Also it says that the target needs to be a distance of 1 away, distance says its the minimum number of moves (not move cost) by this logic on the chemical plant map you could for example pull someone from the top of one of the barrels to another as they are a single move (jump) apart?
  16. Epaka

    Show your Kerim Shah!

    Nice work! I do like this mini. Although I don’t believe he’s seen any action on my game table yet. I dug out an old pic of my version. If I’m remembering correctly, I did some further touch ups on the Akivasha and Belit minis that are flanking him in this pic.
  17. gonthing


  18. Not Quite Dead

    Can you teleport away from a blocking creature?

    Well, @garbetsp, seems like you're right after all. We somehow missed that last sentence of the last page of every rulebook of the game. My Zelata/Hadrathus player is going to kill me.
  19. garbetsp

    Can you teleport away from a blocking creature?

    I found this: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1896030/answer-monolith-about-teleportation-spell It refers to the clarification on the back of the 2.0 rule book in the bottom right corner. So while Not Quite Dead is correct those are different things (and I can see his interpretation from the 1.0 rules), the 2.0 rulebook clarified it to be affected by neither.
  20. Not Quite Dead

    Can you teleport away from a blocking creature?

    Well, I'm not sure I agree with you on that point, @garbetsp. You're right when you say that casting a spell isn't affected by hindering, but blocking has nothing to do with hindering. On the Movement Skills card, the description of the blocking states that: So I'd say that only characters with the evasive skill (which is useful against hindering and blocking) may leave the area where an enemy with the blocking skill. In any other case, the enemy creature with blocking must be killed (or leave the area) in order to move your character, and teleportation cannot help you to flee an enemy with blocking. Well, my players and I have always understood that rule that way. Maybe we're wrong, though.
  21. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    The second miniature for the White Meeple is a young aviator. Not sure she will get along well with the old geezer I previously painted.
  22. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Kerim Shah!

    Hi there! I've just finished painting Kerim Shah, the prince of Iranistan. I'm looking forward to take a peek at yours!
  23. Not Quite Dead

    The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  24. Footballzs

    Savage Avengers

    Apology accepted.
  25. The image of the river tile tray is the two part one. The picture with the river tile tray and dice/card tray in the box doesn't have the smaller tray under it, so those would sit flush to each other. The Card/Dice tray will hold unsleeved cards horizontally, we made a new card tray that can hold sleeved cards stacked as well.
  26. Hi Gonthing, yes, I am having one printed now. Also several others are printing to verify. I have made a few tweaks based on their suggestions and update the files as we go. The only changes so far are to offer alternate card trays for sleeves cards. Also, I started another Design on thingiverse with some of the bigger parts already split for people that have smaller printers. There are also several pictures on Facebook in "the batman gaming group". I will try to post some here when I get home.
  27. kpitaine-crochet

    Blue Tiles in Villain River

    when you have 2 villain tiles in your river, you choose the one that you activate then it passes in last position in your river. The principle of having several tiles representing them is that they can activate more times and more quickly
  28. Hello, I'm sorry to learn the problems with your minis. Know that we no use of plastic at a discount. There is no question of cutting corners on quality. Do not hesitate to contact our support.
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