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Someone doesn't like the game


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Unfortunately these kind of people will not help Conan. From the Italian forum "la tana dei goblin" the game was destroyed at the beginning for 2 reasons that at that time was true:


1) the game does not allow you to use different minion, monster, heroes or equip and with the mountain of stuff we had.

2) the not clear rules and the gaps there were and the less balance


obvyously after some months and with the release of rule book ed.02 everything has changed but the damage was done. A lot of people who want to buy the game has been stopped from the bad rumors the game had. I loved from the beginning and I traslate the books in Italian but the ed.02

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I've found a lot of people don't "get" Conan at first.  One criticism I've often heard is that Conan is so overpowered that the other characters aren't as fun.  Whenever someone says that I know immediately that they've only played the game once (if at all).  Anyone who's given the game some time will quickly realize that all the scenarios are wildly different and although Conan may be the strongest in terms of melee attacks, that isn't necessarily the most important skill for winning that particular scenario. 


Some people play so many games that they often only play a game once and then write a review either praising the game or dismissing it, which is why I don't put too much stock in some of those pro reviewers.  The few reviewers that do actually play a game often and really learn it and get to the essence of the game have all praised Conan.

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It is like most games that seem unbalanced at first, you have to play it multiple times to realize everything you have in your tool belt.  It took my group 5 plays before they even started to understand the concept that among the heroes there was no turn order.  Guess what after that they started winning more.  The more I play it the more I enjoy it.    

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On 5/1/2022 at 12:59 AM, Leynadix said:

 2022, I just bought the game in second hand, it has the 1.0 incomplete rules. 

A boardgame needs more revision before shipping.


I'm looking at some explanations and are too pricey for a boardgame!


Did you download the current rulebooks from here? (in the downloads section) 


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