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Show off your Giant Snake, er... y'all know what I mean...

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Trying to keep things slithering along with this show and tell miniatures topics... I'd really love to see more from all the painters out there (who are way better than me)! I'm still pretty new to this stuff and learning all the time. Here's my effort:

Once again, I'm generally following the game art, and once again, it's fairly sloppy and rushed but looks good enough on the gameboard to enhance the gaming (which is my only real goal). 



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Well, it doesn't seem that sloppy to me, @Epaka. I like it and it looks great on your tabletop. Neat scenery, by the way! I love what you've done with your barricades of spikes.


Here's mine. I've painted it in April but didn't have a decent picture until now. So, thanks to you, it's done.


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