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Modiphius Conan Crossover


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I just had a chance to look over the Conan Board Game Crossover Book that is being produced by Modiphius, in conjunction with their Conan RPG. It was written by none other than our own Dog Brother Matt John! S!!!

It has a series of scenarios that can be played as a campaign, as well as rules for a solo/co-op campaign, tips on writing scenarios, and guides for balancing gameplay and swapping out heroes.  The folks at Modiphius did a great job laying out the book with lots of art and graphical flourishes and, as I understand it, they added a fair bit of content as well. It makes use of the small tile sets that Modiphius produced, as well as content from the Core Conan game (and lots of stuff from the King Pledge set)... If you kicked into the Modiphius Conan RPG KickStarter, as I did, you can preview the book now. I’m not sure if it’ll be available for retail purchase from Modiphius, but it looks great. So I can definitely give it a big recommendation. 

@Matt John SI’m curious what you think of the preview/editing/layout, and the additional content that Modiphius added?

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@Epaka, thanks for the mention. I wrote the board game campaign (with much help and patience from my gaming group), the RPG chapter (except for a few polishes), the solo/co-op rules and campaign, and the how-to write scenario section. The how-to section is kind of a chronicling of my process writing the book. Some will lament that the guidelines aren't specific enough, I'm sure, but the fact is there are no true templates or points system to assign the design process for this game. It's interesting to note that I wrote many of these scenarios long before the board game even shipped! So many of the scenarios presented here are without the influence of any other existing scenarios as I only played the original Pict village scenario before sitting down to work. I learned the 'engine' and went from there. My hope is they are a little distinct as a result. The RPG stats for the Monolith components was done by Jason Durall. That was a late addition, but I think it was a cool way to sort of complete the crossover. 


The draft that was previewed has a bunch of tile errors, so be mindful of that. They have since been fixed and we are still adding other corrections people spotted. There are a ton of moving parts with this book, as you can imagine! I'm digging the layout and the overall look of the book. 


I've gotta say I'm a bit nervous of the book finally coming out. it's been gestating so long I'm afraid the hype and anticipation has ballooned. I really hope people dig it. I poured a lot of love, time, and attention into the project. It will be available at retail as far as I know, but not until backers receive their copies. It may be available to all in PDF once backers have the finals of those. 


If I find that people enjoy the solo/co-op mode I've sketched out, I'll see what I can do about generating more content for it. I'd like to recruit others in a similar way I did for the community campaign (which should be in its final form very soon). I'd very interested to see what others could come up with and share via the-overlord.net.  Though the rules and campaign are complete, I feel like there are many places we can take it, should the desire and will be there. I keep coming up with new ideas for the solo/co-op rules and would very much like to add to it. You'll see that as you progress through the campaign, the scenarios get a bit more complex and dynamic as I didn't want to overwhelm people with new rules in the early scenarios. I also designed it so that you could play 2 or 3 scenarios in a sitting. This one is more of a super-lite RPG in that you accumulate gear and Boons (Xp lite) and have some choice of the scenarios you play. There is also a fun ranking system to track how well you did throughout the campaign. You don't want to be a 'perfumed fopp.' Anyways, we'll see where things go. 


Big thanks for caring! 



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