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DC Universe on screen


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Sorry, Barbi, I can't help you there...


Altough I'm quite a movie enthusiast, superhero movies aren't a film genre that I enjoy particularly...


I've seen some movies based on DC Comics, tough. Below are the one I recommand (they aren't recent, so I'm not sure this helps):


Batman Returns (1992)

V for Vendetta (2005)

The Dark Knight (2009) the best of the Nolan trilogy in my opinion.

Watchmen (2009)


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OK, I've seen Nolan trilogy only in cinema, worth to give it another go ...

Since @Sentma strongly advised me Gotham, I bought the first season, and for the convention in 2 weeks, I found a tee shirt which should fit well in the Monolith booth ;)


Red hood is not translated in French so I have taken Rebirth#1, but it is really expensive in the UK ...


Concerning Wonder Woman, I really enjoyed, as the whole family, it doesn't tend to go heavily on the feminism, she is just a good super hero ... The global script is a bit too close to Captain America to be perfect ... And what I especially enjoyed (big spoiler alert)



The bad guy has a moustache, and that's really unusual and surprising. Really enjoyed when he has the helmet, and you see this old fashion artefact through !


So for someone who doesn't see a lot of movies, that one is pushing me to see some more ... :biggrin:



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Personally, I would have strongly advised against Gotham. :smile: I find this TV serie so lame ...


If you are interrested in good stories on screen,  then you should definitely take a look at the various animated movies and series. Just a few

- Batman the Animated Series and Justice League, the Animated Series

- Mask of the Phantasm (a movie set in the same continuity as the Animated Series)

- Under the Red hood (Red Hood origin story)

- Wonder Woman (the 2009 animated movie)

- Assault on Arkham (great story about the Suicide Squad, forget the recent movie)

- Batman the Brave and the Bold (an animated series more suited for younger audience but not without merits)

- Justice League Dark (a recent animated movie, focus on magical super heroes)

- Justice League Action (a recent tv serie actually on air, really really fun !)

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I enjoyed Wonder Woman but had a few critiques of it:-

- Too much slow motion

- Racial stereotypes

- The love story wasn't necessary at all

- What was the point of Dr Poison?


In terms of wtaching some good DC TV Shows, I would recommend that you watch the entirety of the DC Animated Universe stuff, The Batman Adventures, Superman Adventures and all the Justice League stuff (especially series 1, it's my favourite DC cartoon).

Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman film ever released. It honestly kicks the collective butts of the Burton/Schumacher stuff and Christopher Nolans stuff.


Basically just watch any DC cartoons you can. The CW-verse (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash and Supergirl) are not great but are good for switching off.


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I love and watch almost all super hero series and movies, dc and marvel. Wonder Woman life action, Dark Knight trilogie, Legends of Tomorrow first season, Young Justice (antimated series) and Batman the animated series I absolutely loved, most other series where/ are ok. Honorable mention goes to Daredevil (I know marvel...) Netflix series especially season 1 and 3. Stay away form the live action Titans thoug... That was just so, so bad...

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The live action Titans was pretty well acted, filmed, scored, edited. It's the story that is just so dark and the focuses on gratuitous violence at times. I watched a different series recently and noted that when there was some really horrible thing about to happen it always cut right at that moment and left it to the imagination and thought Titans could have used that editor.

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