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  3. Hi, in my KS pledge there were 6 packs of blue sleeves und 3 packs of yellow sleeves included. Unfortunately this is not enough -as I´ve found out yesterday- as I do have also the Pandora`s box and therefore 100 cards still need to be sleeved with blue sleeves. My question: Are those blue sleeve packs somewhere available for purchase? How can I get 2 packs of them? Kind regards Mario
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  6. One of my Black Dragons lurking about in some new terrain I built for the game... He was just the first mini I grabbed to see how the LED torch would photograph.
  7. Here’s a new pic of Thog for you savages to enjoy... It’s also a sneak peek at some new scenery I built for a certain ruined fortress board. More to come on that!
  8. They look good. I really like that proxy, although I'm not very fond of this mound she's on. Is it the same scale as Conan's miniatures?
  9. Faces are always a tough part of the job. Even with a perfectly sculpted mini, the slightest move at the worse moment can ruin a lot of hard work. I remember that I spent quite numerous tries on Hadrathus and 'classic' Belit heads with no luck, and I finally gave up. Well, one can't win every single battle, not even Conan. Furthermore, what's important is to win the war, and this is something you're very close to, I guess, seing how much new miniatures you've posted since the last time I've checked.
  10. I have the same issue. No Batwoman, missing icons for heroes, missing henchman icons and map icons not imported properly (White background). Hope to hear back with an update
  11. Akivasha and an alternate from Reaper that I liked as well.
  12. Not happy with the face on Belit savage. That's a surprisingly difficult one to paint well.
  13. This just wandered through.
  14. Is it just me or are there a lot of icons missing? I can only see half the hero icons, and a lot of henchman icons are missing for me.
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  16. Hello. I had some doubts playing this scenario: 1. When I use the Event Tile and it says to move a Guard Tile to the end of the River and put your miniatures on the board does this use Reinforcement tokens? 2. Does Conan need to positively interrogate the lowest value Priest and leave the door? 3. How many guards can there be on the board? thank you
  17. Thanks Of course I will add them! As soon as I could 🙂
  18. I love this app, I'm so glad it's back. Will you be adding the new maps from Conan the Conqueror?
  19. The application is back online and hosted here thanks to @SentMa http://the-overlord.com/Companion/Conan/ This is the same version that was previsouly online BUT a new version is coming soon and will be available in a few weeks : I will tell you more soon 🙂
  20. Will there be any updates for the new map packs, adding villain starting options, hero map icons, optional layout addon for Joker and Wayne Mansion, the batmobile addon and fixes to some of the icons?
  21. That guy was really something else! It sounds like a miracle that there is a Pliny the Young! Speaking about careless characters from the Antiquity, I was precisely reading something today about the way Pyrrho, the first sceptic used to live. That guy wouldn't have said there was an eruption ongoing, even neck deep in lava.
  22. How topical. I'm reading "The Shadow of Vesuvius". The first thing Pliny the Elder did when he saw the eruption in the distance is immediately order the navy to drive straight into it because he wanted a closer look. Folks were rushing his boat wanting out of there, and he was hand waving them off. He headed on to visit friends and take a nap as it rained pumice from the sky. He planned to hike in closer when the fumes finally overcame him.
  23. Will there be any updates for the new map packs, adding villain starting options, hero map icons, optional layout addon for Joker and Wayne Mansion, the batmobile addon and fixes to some of the icons?
  24. I like the red and blue that you chose!
  25. I was looking forward to paint my own general, and seeing @garbetsp's work gave me the impulse to finally prime it. Here he is:
  26. I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  27. The first batch of Atlanteans is done:
  28. Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
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