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Seeking a Scenario for the Overlord Book

Matt John S

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Greetings horde, 


Believe it or not, we are actually working on getting the English version of the Overlord book to you. This is already available for our French community, but I wanted to give our English scenario writers a chance to put their stamp on the book. So, if you've been working on your own scenario for Conan, get it done! Help each other out. Test a few. Provide feedback. Perhaps we'll put it to a vote, or maybe we'll select one internally. 


I realize this isn't much of a lucrative contest, but it may allow you to get your work in print and become forever immortalized in the Nemedian Chronicles. I'll remind you when the time is drawing close and we have to decide, but don't dally.  A month's time is probably all you have. 


Upload or post a link to your scenario in the comments below, so that I may have them all in one place. 


*this does not need to be a brand new scenario; it just needs to be fan-made, in English, and on the-overlord. 

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Here's my scenario "When the Broadswords Sing" which got good reviews on BGG. I have a plain text version as well, this version was formatted via the Conan Scenarios site.


BGG link: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/140620/custom-scenario-when-broadswords-sing-v10




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Morning all, 

Well, it's morning on the East Coast of Canada, so...
Anyway, if you have been tweaking a scenario in hopes to get it into the English version of the Overlord Compendium, you have until Saturday to post it up here in the comments. We've got wheels (of pain) in motion on this project and it's really starting to come together for our English fans (more info soon). So, Saturday, December 16th is the cut off, but if you can get it in sooner. Asap is best. 

Also, I really want to hear from those who have played these. Be a champion for your choice. Pm me or post up your impressions in this thread and tell me/us why you think it's worthy. Let's hear it!


Oh, and a big thanks to all who've posted up already! 

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After more testing that I ever imagined would be necessary, I present my scenario. It uses maps, characters and tiles that most people own, and the real twist to this scenario is that the heroes are the traditional villains and the villains are the traditional heroes! So, this gives the players a chance to do something they've never done before - have the Overlord play Conan, Shevatas and Balthus while the players get to be villainous with Zogar Sag, Skuthus and Thak (who is an absolute monster in battle).


The file won't upload, but here's the link....





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Congrats to Dr.Mauric. His scenario, First Mistake, Last Mistake has been selected to appear in the first English Overlord Compendium. I am hoping to add a second scenario from these submissions but have to see about space. So there's a possibility that one more will be chosen. I'll let you know as soon as I can. Thanks to all who submitted. 



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