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Ambient music for your games

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@Pyramidou has made a playlist on youtube of music that fits well to a Conan game. You should find there tracks that will give an epic atmosphere to your regular dice rolling business, from the background score of the Conan movies to the incidental music of videogames. Although most of the music is putting the emphasis on fight, you should find in that playlist some harrowing tracks, that should give the creeps to your heroes if needed.


And you, do you use ambient music while playing Conan?

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A small selection only based on adventures movies (no war, no sci-fi,...) with stunning scores :

Basil Poledouris -  "Conan the Barbarian" and "Flesh+Blood"

Jerry Goldsmith - "The Wind and the Lion" and "The 13th Warrior"

Howard Shore - "The Two Towers

James Horner - "Krull" (not Kull) and "Willow"

Harry Gregson-Williams - "Kingdom of Heaven"

Hans Zimmer - "Gladiator"

Mickael Kamen - "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves",

Miklos Rosza - "Ben-Hur"

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A little different from the norm, but I've used the music from this soundtrack in previous Conan games when the action was set in Zamorm and Turan. Obviously, because of the setting of the movie, it is very traditional eastern Europe with a bit of middle eastern influence.


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I've always used background music and my players know to sit up and grab the dice when I reach for the remote to change the track to something gritty or stonking.


That said my actual favourite is the first Conan soundtrack   Basil Basil Poledouris produced some of my favourite pieces of music just for this movie.

(I've chosen "Funeral Pyre" for my own funeral arrangements, the way it builds that same simple theme all the way from sombre memorialising to glorious soaring - love it and I do need to be gloriously celebrated!!!!!  - and the wife has vetoed any Monty Python)


Braveheart, Gladiator, Pirates of the Carribean - At World's End (especially Singapore), Excalibur of course,  to name just some regulars.

I use the Icewind Dale sountrack from the game franchise, better than a game deserves, the music from Skyrim too


In the past I've encouraged my players to make up a CD and now that every phone stores and plays a truckload of hifi quality playlist it's gotten so easy.

As GM I rule with the divine right of kings over all aspects of the session, the word SKIP!  may have been a little callously used in relation to some tracks among player's music choices..

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