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Whispers from Stygia (Campaign)

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Whispers from Stygia

"Know, O Prince, that in the time when Conan the Cimmerian sat upon the Throne of Aquilonia there arose whispers from Stygia. Whispers of a scheming sorcerer whose black heart
was set upon vengeance..."


Whispers from Stygia is a campaign designed by the Conan Overlord Community at the-overlord.net. It requires the Core game, as well as the following expansions: Stygia, Khitai, Nordheim, Yogah of Yag, and the Crossbowmen. The outcome of each scenario will determine how well equipped the heroes and overlord are when they meet in the final scenario, which will determine the winner.


Download campaign: Whispers from Stygia.pdf




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I like your rules for the campaign mode. They are interesting. I'm developing a campaign for the Queen of the Black Coast. I will soon be finishing it. Good job doing all those scenarios. But the sad part is that I cannot play them. I don´t have all those expansions. When i get them I will try your campaign.

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Would be nice if Monolith printed this up and added it to all backers of the next Kickstarter campaign. Even if they added a couple of Dollars/Euros/Pounds to cover costs it would still be worth it.

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