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Compendium 2En & 3EN.


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5 minutes ago, Footballzs said:

The French version of compendium II has been available for a while now. It’s the English version which is still to come.

Are you sure? Because there is only a French flag - and not the Union Jack as shown for Compendium T3!

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8 minutes ago, WolfTech said:

Are you sure? Because there is only a French flag - and not the Union Jack as shown for Compendium T3!

Yes. The compendiums were put together by the French community and compendium II was finished some time ago. It’s the translation that is taking time. Compendium III consists of scenarios for Mythic Battles not Conan, so it appears that one has been translated already.

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On ‎11‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 8:48 AM, ukdane said:

+1 for Compendium II news in English please. 


I guess now, that Monolith lost Conan license, Compedium II in English is not happening. At least not till 2020. They may publish it in PDF form, but they cannot do any physical Conan related products till the end of 2019.

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I know I’d certainly love to get Compendium 2 in English. I think there are a few factors at play here.

Monolith is centered in the French gaming community, which is fairly insular. They are more than happy to sell games to anyone, but they are definitely catering primarily to French gamers in many ways. The French version of The Overlord site is very very active. This English site, is not very active at all in comparison (which is a bummer). I sometimes feel like this whole site exists just so that about 20 of us die hard English language fans can communicate with each other...

Another factor may very well be the issues Monolith ran into with shipping the previous Compendiums worldwide. They got a lot of hate and spite from a handful of malcontents who were (understandably) pissed off when they didn’t get their copies of the first Compendium - due to cheap and spotty shipping methods. Some people even called them cheaters and thieves!

Yet another issue, is the licensing beef that Monolith has run into with Cabinet regarding Conan, and the resulting question about when (and if) Monolith will ever provide new Conan material via KickStarter. 

Add all that to the fact that Monolith is a business, and needs to generate revenue to stay viable. Hence, their focus on other games. I think that an English translation of Compendium 2 is probably number 286 on their to-do list...

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I'll say this, I intend to find out what's up with the compendiums. As far as I know it's close to finished. I edited it a long time ago. I think the team is just very busy at the moment. 


Also, there is no licensing beef with Cabinet. Our partnership is strong and things are moving ahead. Don't worry, just do your best to be patient, though I know it's been a long time. I have personally been working on free-for-the-community projects to keep the game alive in the meantime (more to come, thanks to our stalwart community members).

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I looked at the contents of the French Compendium 2 and did my best to translate into English:


# Campaign Scenarios (p. 4-25)
## Introduction to the Campaign
## Prologue

The Dream of Black Stone
Wait Until We Speak!
Night Expedition
Thog and Thak
The Nightmare Awakes
Inevitable Destiny
Bloody Foam
The Great Sacrifice
Between Two Worlds
The Black Baton


# Scenarios Bonus (pg 26-29)

Terror on Ankartia
Dream in Cloudy Water


# Articles and Short Stories (pg 30-52)

How to make a monster: Thog (step by step sculpture by Stephane N'Guyen)
The Share of Fhote (short story by Not Quite Dead)
Painting Guide: Thog (by Martin Grandbarbe)
THS: from Adventure Mode to Versus Mode (by Fred Henry)
Thog (by Pallantides)

Edited by garbetsp
missed some French
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Here's the organization between them. Follow the branch of the winner.


Dream of the Black Stone
  Heroes    -> Wait Until We Speak!
                             Heroes    -> Thog and Thak (fin)
                             Overlord -> The Nightmare Awakes (fin)
  Overlord -> Night Expedition
                           Heroes    -> Inevitable Destiny (fin)
                           Overlord -> Bloody Froth
                                                    Heros      -> The Great Sacrifice (fin)
                                                    Overlord -> Between Two Worlds (fin)


If the heroes win the final of the campaign tree, congratulations!


If the overlord wins the final of the tree, nothing seems to prevent this horrible creature from joining our world.


Once done play 'The Black Baton' to complete the story.

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